The Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary In Huttoft

Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary is situated in Church Lane in the village of Huttoft, located in the English county of Lincolnshire. The village is four and a half miles east of Alford, which is a market town. The aim of the sanctuary is to rescue donkeys that are not wanted or are being mistreated.

Alan is a ‘Brummie’ donkey who was brought to Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary in Huttoft from Birmingham. Good Girl is another Brummie donkey who was brought to Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary from Birmingham where she was spotted at a horse fair by someone from the RSPCA. As she was in a horse fair she had to be purchased by the sanctuary, but she is now living safely in Huttoft.

Bazoo Quintus is a donkey who was brought to Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary from Wales. The sanctuary worker at Huttoft who dealt with him was told that he was bottle fed because his mother had died. This meant that he was confused and believed he was human, resulting in behavioural problems and aggression. However he settled in well at the sanctuary and has now calmed down.

Dona Pepa is the first Spanish donkey to come to Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary. Dona Pepa was going to be slaughtered for meat, so coming to Huttoft was a life saver. Polina is another Spanish donkey who is enjoying a better life at the donkey sanctuary.

Buster was rescued from a slaughter house in the year 1994 by a kind worker there who alerted the Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary in Huttoft. Workers from the sanctuary went to get him. He was quite aggressive at first and used to kick and bite anyone or anything that came near him. But he has calmed down, because he knows that he is now safe and cared for.

Dolly Day Dream is the daughter of Josephine who was brought to the sanctuary when she was pregnant in the year 1995 by someone who drove up with her in a horsebox and left her there. Dolly Day Dream is therefore a lucky donkey as she was actually born at Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary, so she did not have any history of suffering or mistreatment, as many of the donkeys at the sanctuary in Huttoft do.

Sometimes the sanctuary pays thousands of pounds to rescue donkeys and bring them to Huttoft, and running the place eats up a lot of cash too. The sanctuary holds an annual Open Day when the people of Huttoft and beyond get involved in the event to help raise money that will keep the sanctuary running.

There is a celebrity auction at the Open Day, and celebrities donate items that can be auctioned to raise money. There have been some marvelous donations over the years to delight the people of Huttoft. These include silver teaspoons from the Queen Mother, items of clothing from Sir Anthony Hopkins, Richard Whitely, Jasper Carrot and Michael Caine. Linda McCartney was an enthusiastic supporter of the sanctuary, and Sir Paul McCartney carries on sending things to be auctioned in front of the people of Huttoft.